What parents of Arizona babies need to know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says clinicians should consider a parechovirus diagnosis in infants who have fever, sepsis-like syndrome, or neurologic illness like seizures and meningitis without another known cause.

Mother and father ought to be conscious however not alarmed a couple of latest federal well being warning on parechovirus in younger infants, two main Arizona pediatricians say.

Parechoviruses are a gaggle of viruses that trigger a variety of illness in people and are identified to flow into in summer season and fall.

“I feel it is true we’re seeing extra circumstances of the parechovirus, however it’s not true that there is any larger diploma of dangerous illness or unfavorable outcomes,” stated Dr. Sean Elliott, medical director of infectious ailments and immunizations for the Arizona chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“It is a seasonal virus. We do have clusters of circumstances yearly, usually across the summer season. … Some years are good years, and a few years aren’t so good years. To that regard I feel we’re seeing extra circumstances of parechovirus in younger youngsters this summer season.”

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