Can You Freeze Sour Cream?

Bitter cream is a well-liked dairy product generally utilized in recipes like dips, soups, and baked items.

It doesn’t final too lengthy within the fridge, and it’s typically offered in massive containers, resulting in spoilage and meals waste. This leaves bitter cream lovers scrambling for tactics to increase the shelf lifetime of their favourite ingredient.

Luckily, there are methods to protect bitter cream safely for longer durations of time.

This text explains whether or not you may freeze bitter cream.

Contemporary bitter cream may be safely stored within the fridge at or beneath 40℉ (4.4℃) for as much as 2 weeks (1).

Like with most dairy merchandise, you may freeze bitter cream. Nonetheless, freezing bitter cream will not be usually advisable, as doing so impacts its high quality.

Some folks report disagreeable modifications within the product’s texture on account of freezing. The truth is, bitter cream producers themselves even warn towards freezing this product attributable to unfavorable results on its texture (2, 3).

That mentioned, it’s completely secure to freeze bitter cream.


Although it’s secure to freeze bitter cream, freezing the product will change the product’s texture, which most individuals discover undesirable.

Contemporary bitter cream has a tender, creamy texture and tangy style. This silky texture makes it the right alternative for folding into soups, dips, and salads and bringing richness to muffins and bread.

Sadly, frozen bitter cream gained’t have the identical texture as contemporary bitter cream.

After defrosting frozen bitter cream, it’ll have a lumpy or grainy texture, in contrast to the graceful texture of contemporary bitter cream.

It’s because the bitter cream separates in the course of the freezing and thawing course of, which means the fats separates from the liquid a part of the cream. This results in a coagulated texture, which can be unappealing (4).

Nonetheless, merchandise made with bitter cream, comparable to baked items and soups, can usually be frozen with out negatively affecting their texture or style.


The freezing course of causes bitter cream to tackle a grainy texture. Nonetheless, it will probably nonetheless be utilized in some recipes.

Although freezing bitter cream will not be usually advisable attributable to antagonistic results on texture, it may be carried out in case you’ve discovered your self with extra bitter cream that you just don’t wish to spoil.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to solely freeze contemporary bitter cream that’s nonetheless suitable for eating.

To freeze bitter cream, merely portion it out into plastic or glass containers and stick them within the freezer.

Some folks suggest utilizing silicone ice dice trays to freeze bitter cream. As soon as frozen, you may switch the cubes to a different container for long-term storage. These individually portioned cubes can then be conveniently added to soups, smoothies, and extra.

Understand that freezer temperatures needs to be round 0°F (-18°C) to maintain frozen meals secure (5).

Whereas there aren’t any pointers concerning how lengthy bitter cream lasts within the freezer, the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends storing yogurt within the freezer for as much as 2 months. Since bitter cream is an analogous product, utilizing frozen bitter cream inside 2 months is a secure wager.

To thaw the bitter cream, retailer it within the fridge in a single day till it’s totally thawed. You may as well add the frozen bitter cream on to recipes like soups and stews.

How you can use frozen bitter cream

Usually, meals consultants solely suggest utilizing bitter cream in cooking or baking. Which means frozen bitter cream shouldn’t be used as a topping or to whip up your favourite salad dressing.

Utilizing bitter cream that has been frozen and thawed in a recipe that requires contemporary bitter cream can lead to an undesirable texture and isn’t advisable.

Nonetheless, frozen bitter cream can be utilized in plenty of methods within the kitchen, together with:

  • including frozen or frozen and thawed bitter cream to soups and stews for a creamy texture
  • incorporating frozen and thawed bitter cream into pancakes, cake, or muffin batter
  • including a little bit of frozen bitter cream to casseroles earlier than baking
  • tossing frozen bitter cream into smoothies for a lift of satiating protein and fats

After defrosting frozen bitter cream, refreezing will not be advisable. Thawing and refreezing can result in bacterial contamination, making the bitter cream unsafe to eat (6).


Retailer bitter cream in plastic or glass containers within the fridge. Use frozen bitter cream as is, or let it thaw in a single day within the fridge.

When you have further contemporary bitter cream and don’t wish to waste it, you may freeze it.

Whereas freezing it’ll lead to undesirable modifications to its texture, you may add frozen or frozen and thawed bitter cream to plenty of recipes, comparable to baked items and soups.

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