Good’n Healthy: Interview with a cystic fibrosis family, the Stones | Health and Fitness

We got a whole lot of details about what CF was, learn how to care for a kid with CF and for our personal self care. To be trustworthy, the data was so much and we in all probability didn’t get by means of a whole lot of it, however we discovered over time learn how to make this our regular.

What drugs is Wesley taking?

Albuterol, pulmozyme, pertzye, omeprazole, sodium chloride answer and multivitamins.

What’s your day by day routine like?

Wesley will do not less than two 30-minute remedies a day the place he makes use of albuterol to open up his lungs, and can use pulmozyme for one therapy, and sodium chloride answer for the opposite — each of which assist with the lungs and thick mucus buildup discount. He could do one or two extra remedies if he’s sick.

For each meal, Wesley takes three giant enzyme capsules that include 16,000 lipase, which is pertzye in his case. For snacks, he could take one or two, relying on what number of energy are within the snack. So in a given day, he can take as much as round 18 enzymes.

Round 30 minutes prior to 2 of his meals, Wesley will take one omeprazole capsule, which helps with the liner in his intestine and additional helps break down his vitamins from meals, supplementing his enzymes.

As soon as a day, Wesley will take double the quantity of multivitamins {that a} non-CF youngster will take.

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