He was 36 and healthy, but Covid-19 put him in a coma for 3 weeks

The following day his situation was no higher, and he was taken to the Milnerton Mediclinic. He was examined however his outcomes, although dangerous, weren’t under the edge required for admission. He was placed on oxygen for 3 hours and returned house at 2am.

On Saturday, Glenn’s house oximeter gave him a studying of 82%. Under 85%, an individual is taken into account hypoxic – and in danger for mind harm from the dearth of oxygen.

At this level, and in session with medical doctors, Glenn was admitted to Milnerton Mediclinic. He was positioned on oxygen in a Covid-19 ward. He advised Justin that he wanted to take off the oxygen masks when he needed to go to the bathroom, and that this expertise was like holding his breath. His lungs have been X-rayed, and seemed superb to the physicians, however his oxygen ranges have been inflicting concern.

For every week, his oxygen readings fluctuated from excessive, at 97%, to borderline hypoxic, at 90%.

Justin, who was the go-between for the hospital and Glenn’s household, was apprehensive. On calls, Glenn stated he couldn’t breathe – even with the oxygen.

Glenn’s chest was X-rayed once more, and the harm was sufficient for his medical doctors to inform Justin and Glenn’s household that they too have been apprehensive about his situation. He was given a take a look at to measure the extent of C-reactive protein in his blood. This exhibits how the physique’s immune system is responding, and is a marker of whether or not an individual is in danger for a cytokine storm, when the physique’s immune system assaults itself. Glenn’s ranges have been elevated.

He was additionally given a D-Dimer take a look at, which measures whether or not an individual is in danger for blood clots, which can result in strokes or coronary heart assaults. Glenn’s ranges have been far above protected readings. He was administered anti-coagulants to scale back his threat of strokes.

Even below shut care and fixed oxygen, Glenn’s blood oxygen ranges continued to drop. He acquired a resistant staph an infection and was placed on intravenous antibiotics.

His situation declined additional. His household weren’t capable of see him, and he wasn’t capable of reply, in order that they phoned him to inform him that they cherished him. The medical doctors got here to his household with a proposal to deal with him utilizing dexamethasone. This can be a steroid that works as an anti-coagulant and immunosuppressant. Dexamethasone helps maintain the doubtless catastrophic cytokine storm in verify.

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