Infant Dies After Mom with COVID-19 Goes into Labor Early

“In comparison with different respiratory illnesses, that is extremely distinctive within the proportion of severely sick kids,” Murthy advised the New York Occasions. “We’d anticipate extra hospitalization based mostly on the variety of youngsters that may get contaminated, and we’re not seeing that in any respect. And we nonetheless don’t know why.”

Additionally unknown is to what extent pregnant women remain vulnerable to the virus

Up to now, there have not been an amazing variety of circumstances involving pregnant moms. Nonetheless, based mostly on what we already learn about how critical viruses could be throughout being pregnant, the CDC has issued new guidelines for US mothers.

“Pregnant ladies expertise immunologic and physiologic adjustments which could make them extra vulnerable to viral respiratory infections, together with COVID-19,” the CDC web site defined. “Pregnant ladies additionally may be in danger for extreme sickness, morbidity, or mortality in comparison with the overall inhabitants as noticed in circumstances of different associated coronavirus infections [including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)] and different viral respiratory infections, equivalent to influenza, throughout being pregnant.”

Within the meantime, the CDC is urging pregnant moms to make use of precautions, together with continuously washing arms and abiding by social distance pointers.

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