Were These Legends, Myths, Old Wives Tales or Complete Truths?

Some might name them “Outdated Wive’s Tales” and even “Superstitions” or  “Myths,” however all of us heard them from our Mother. A few of them might have truly contained a grain of reality. My mom had one million of them. Did your Mother or Dad use of any of those?

Consuming fish and ingesting milk collectively may be toxic and may trigger pores and skin issues – No research have ever confirmed this, however my mom wouldn’t ever serve them collectively even after I was in my 50’s.

Do not sleep together with your socks on; it may well trigger a chilly – Mother was fairly agency about this one. I sneaked into mattress one evening with my socks on simply to check it and, certain sufficient, I acquired a chilly a couple of days later. It will need to have been a coincidence, as a result of there isn’t any science to again it up. I nonetheless will not sleep in my socks, nevertheless.

Do not swallow chewing gum. It can keep in your abdomen for seven years – It doesn’t keep in your tummy any longer than another meals BUT your physique can’t digest gum. It is journey by way of your system to the skin world is generally unchanged  and emerges on a standard schedule.

To keep away from automotive illness, eat bacon earlier than starting a visit – Certainly one of my Mother’s favorites. I did not imagine it was true and neither did my Father however since we each beloved bacon, we did not argue.

Do not learn within the automotive, it’s going to make you automotive sick – This one is true. I did a whole lot of private analysis and proved it many occasions.

As tasty because it seems to be, do not eat freezer frost from the fridge – I feel the idea was that it had some Freon in it that was not wholesome. Nevertheless,  I’ve since realized that the ice is from water, not gasoline. Now I can eat freezer ice, however we’ve got a frost free fridge. Darn.

You will need to wait a hour after consuming to go swimming – Evidently this isn’t true. It takes a number of hours for meals to depart the abdomen anyway. Swimming too quickly after consuming was speculated to trigger cramps. Since we lived proper subsequent to the town public pool, I examined this many occasions and by no means acquired the cramps. Generally I truly ate WHILE I used to be within the pool and by no means acquired cramps.

Consuming carrots will enhance your eyesight – They do include vitamin A, which is sweet to your general well being and may do no hurt, however they are not a cure-all for unhealthy eyesight. I feel this was simply an “outdated mom’s story” that was dreamed as much as get us to eat carrots. The vegetable ought to have had a PR particular person like spinach did with Popeye the Sailor Man.

Do not swallow watermelon seeds; they may sprout in your abdomen – Some folks actually believed this. Truly uncooked watermelon seeds will not be digested and make the identical journey downstairs that chewing gum does. You truly can eat the seeds that are filled with nutritional vitamins and are very wholesome, however it’s a must to dry them and do different stuff like sprouting them and it appears to be a whole lot of work. I am going to simply keep on with consuming their melon half.

Starve a chilly, feed a fever – One other outdated household favourite. I by no means misplaced my urge for food after I acquired sick so I used the outdated saying “feed a chilly, feed a fever.”  This seems to be right. You must hold consuming a nutritious diet and much more importantly–keep hydrated.

Drink 7UP, Sprite, ginger ale or Sierra Mist for an upset tummy – Truly that is true. Clear carbonated drinks may also help settle the abdomen. Mother stored a bottle of 7UP within the fridge for a particular “sick drink”. I nonetheless do right now.  You’re feeling even higher should you add slightly gin.


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